Energy Efficiency in Museums and Exhibitions

Since the recent explosion of energy prices at the latest, the museum world’s attention has not only been focused on necessary energy-efficient restoration of museum buildings, but also on the operating costs of exhibitions. What air-conditioning technology is required to ensure optimal conservation, and do cost-cutting tolerances exist, e.g. with respect to the customary temperature demands? What type of lighting, what kind of media concepts use the least energy or display the most sustainable features? What types of technical control and active visitor participation are suited to which types of museum? This new field requires research in conjunction with up-to-date building technology and continual evaluation of technical innovations.

Together with our expert associate planners Michael Flegel (artificial and natural daylight design) and Thomas Buck (media planning), IGLHAUT + von GROTE develop new types of energy concept for exhibitions and museums, which become part of integrated energy concepts for entire buildings. Integrated energy concepts can help to prevent a museum’s project budget from shrinking as a result of operating energy costs in the future. We develop prototype solutions in selected examples of praxis.