The team of IGLHAUT + von GROTE provides overall concepts for the design and planning of museums and exhibitions, in addition to supervising their realisation.

  • Development:
    Content planning for exhibitions and other formats, research into aspects of content and exhibits
  • Design:
    Translation of dramaturgy and narrative structure into scenography and architecture, planning and realisation of all HOAI phases (on the basis of the official regulations for the payment of architects and engineers)
  • Display cases:
    Design and planning, taking the parameters of conservation into account
  • Object research and handling:
    Compilation of object lists, identification of themes and objects, coordination together with restorers, development of fixtures and fittings for exhibits
  • Image:
    Exhibition graphics: typography and colour design, info-graphics, visitor routing systems
  • Printed material:
    Conception and design of brochures, posters and catalogues for exhibitions
  • Texts:
    Text production and editing, coordination of translation work
  • Media design:
    Conception and realisation of films and animation sequences, multimedia installations and multimedia guides, screen design, interface design
  • Light and media planning:
    Design and specialist technical planning, selection of lamps, lighting materials and the necessary technical equipment, tendering and realisation
  • Realisation:
    Compilation of tendering documents and participation in the award of tenders, technical coordination, supervision of production and installation on the spot (site management)
  • Project management /Interface management:
    Planning and supervision of costs and deadlines, supervision of interfaces to measures of construction and renovation, and building systems engineering

Stefan Iglhaut, Gesa von Grote