Achieving clear consensus concerning releases, cost controlling, case management as well as tendering and awarding processes are vital prerequisites for the successful completion of complex projects. This is a management service IGLHAUT + von GROTE can offer you. Even the cleverest intellectual concepts and the most charming draft designs often fail due to the lack of clarity in the project structure. Working through and compiling the cost calculations for a funding application or a concept study already have an influence on the course a project will take and every readjustment costs a great deal of energy and creates a need to regain consensus among the parties involved. That is why project steering is not only one of the necessary areas of competence in the planning process for all of the projects undertaken by IGLHAUT + von GROTE, but can even be seen as an independent field of work and an increasingly important service for clients who organise large exhibitions or events.

Consultation and steering
Why do you need planning and implementation steering when opening a new museum, refurbishing a palace, or mounting a major exhibition? Because many people are working in parallel, carrying out many different steps. This calls for guidelines for communication and clear definition of sequencing and responsibilities. From its years of experience in multi-phase projects, the IGLHAUT + von GROTE team recognises the need for consultation with building owners and exhibitors, and knows exactly what project management requires.

Project structure
The IGLHAUT + von GROTE office supports museums and companies in structuring their exhibition, restoration and expansion plans, assists in defining interfaces and responsibilities and securing partners.

Time and cost planning
IGLHAUT + von GROTE assumes responsibility for deadline and budget monitoring from the first application to the disposition statement, for both public and private clients. Controlling means always keeping the key framework conditions of project planning in sight and adjusting when changes arise.

Project management
In consulting clients or carrying out planning and implementation commissions, the IGLHAUT + von GROTE office follows the provisions of award procedures and also issues tenders for a wide range of work itself. We follow the guidelines of the HOAI, the VOB and the VOL as a matter of course. But we also offer absorption of planning and implementation into general contracting