CITY AND MARITIME MUSEUM KIEL, new concept for the permanent exhibition

The impressive fishing hall displays the permanent exhibition with numerous objects. The whole exhibition will be redesigned until summer 2019 by IGLHAUT + von GROTE.

„Erzähl mir vom Tier“, Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch

At the occasion of the fair on children’s books „KIBUM“ in Oldenburg in 2018 the Landesmuseum für Natur und Mensch hosts the exhibition „Tell me about animals – Animals in literature for children and on nature“.

The opening will take place November 4th . IGLHAUT + von GROTE is responsible for the exhibition design as well as for the print products.


ANGST. Eine deutsche Gefühlslage?

In autumn 2018, the new temporary exhibition in the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn opens. IGLHAUT + von GROTE develop and support all work phases and all areas of the project for the museum’s new temporary exhibition.



View project

Visit the new permanent exhibition – opening March 8th 2018!


Jewish Museum Berlin | Kindermuseum

A children’s museum (Kindermuseum) is to be added to Berlin’s Jewish Museum by 2020. The American architects’ office, Olson Kundig, won the international design competition for it.

Commissioned by Olson Kundig, IGLHAUT + von GROTE takes over the realisation planning from performance phase 4 onwards, as well as production management and supporting the realisation. 

Photo: 1st prize: Olson Kundig Architecture and Exhibit Design, Seattle, View of interior © Olson Kundig Architecture and Exhibit Design


Schleswig-Holstein Regional Exhibition | The Kiel mutiny in the Schleswig-Holstein region

In the memorial year 2018, the government of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is presenting a travelling exhibition on the Kiel sailors’ mutiny of 1918. The focus is placed on places in Schleswig-Holstein, which are to be visited by the mobile exhibition.

IGLHAUT + von GROTE assumes the role of general planner responsible for the concept development, design and content realisation as well as planning the tour for the travelling exhibition, which gets underway in Kiel in May 2018.


National Historical Museum Kyrgyzstan

In summer 2018, the completely redesigned National Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan opens. IGLHAUT + von GROTE develop and support all work phases and all areas of the project for the museum’s new concept.


Deutsches Marinemuseum | The sea revolutionises the land (1918)

The Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven is organising an exhibition in the memorial year 2018 that will examine the role played by the years of upheaval 1917/18.

The design of this special exhibition as well as an installation in a public space is to be realised by IGLHAUT + von GROTE.
Opening: May 2018



Kieler Stadt- und Schifffahrtsmuseum | The Kiel mutiny of 1918

In the memorial year 2018, the Kieler Stadt- und Schifffahrtsmuseum Fischhalle is presenting a special exhibition about the Kiel mutiny of 1918, which takes a closer look at the events and the people involved, as well as what happened to the movement afterwards.

The design and realisation of the exhibition is done by IGLHAUT + von GROTE.
Opening: May 2018


Samii Brain Museum

A new museum is to be built in Tehran – as part of the Iran International Neuroscience Institute and on the initiative of its president Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Madjid Samii. It will be dedicated to neuroscience in general as well as the life’s work of Professor Madjid Samii in particular. IGLHAUT von GROTE drew up a comprehensive master plan for the museum and is developing the exhibition.