IGLHAUT + von GROTE are exhibition and museum planners, developers of brand identities and experts in the realisation of cultural projects. Operating between scientific and museum communications, we offer a wide and diverse range of services in the areas of applied cultural studies and scenography in the formats exhibition, event, publication and virtual world. The planning and realisation of these formats is the end product that emerges from the collaboration between our designers, media developers, cultural and scientific experts and technical planners. Our interdisciplinary team develops concepts and carries out projects in the areas of cultural history, science, art and brand identity, creating narrative spaces and medial architectures in which these can unfold.

We take care of every single step along the way, from development to design to production.
Exhibition organiser and cultural manager Stefan Iglhaut and architect and scenographer Gesa von Grote define the interdisciplinary alignment of the office.

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Profile