IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Stefan Iglhaut / Exhibition Designer and Cultural Manager
Exhibition Designer and Cultural Manager

Stefan Iglhaut

Stefan Iglhaut, exhibition organiser and cultural manager, has been working since the beginning of the nineties at the interface where art, science and the public merge. As the curator of international exhibition projects and project manager of major events like the theme park at world exhibition EXPO 2000, he operates in the space where art, cultural history, science history and brand communications meet. He brings together project development teams from all disciplines of content and design whose working style is marked by a holistic, networked and diversity-rich approach. High content quality and visual imaginativeness are inseparable for Stefan Iglhaut. His editorial and publication activities have brought forth books, catalogues and electronic publications which deal, in particular, with the boundary and cross-over regions between science, art, media and society. He acts as a lecturer both in Germany and abroad.

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Gesa von Grote / Architect and Scenographer
Architect and Scenographer

Gesa von Grote

Dipl.– Ing. Gesa von Grote is an architect and scenographer. She is responsible for the artistic direction and coordination of the design team. Her design philosophy, which she sees as the process of taking changing contexts and, from these, developing new perspectives, is something that evolved while working in architecture offices and during many years of collaboration with museums and companies. This context-focused approach gives birth to design interpretations of themes from cultural history and science as well as brand contents within spaces that tell stories to the onlooker, rendering these accessible to a wide audience. In Gesa von Grote’s presentation concepts, the surrounding space, exhibition architecture, graphics, media and object world are intricately bound up with one another. The design process under her direction means seeking a balance and occupying the role of intermediary between communicative impact and practical requirements. This is complemented by the joy she experiences in conception, project controlling and management.


Architecture and scenography

Giorgia Baroni

Giorgia Baroni studied at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, where she specialized in Interior Design focusing on 3D Design and Storytelling. Since March 2018 she is working at IGLHAUT + von GROTE as an exhibition designer.

Architecture and scenography

Serena Bartalucci

Serena Bartalucci studied Architecture at the Florence University and at the AA School of Architecture in London, with focus exhibition design, scenography, and storytelling. From 2007 till 2017 she worked as an architect in several offices and in private projects in the field exhibitions, interiors, experience and brand architecture. Since February 2018 she works for IGLHAUT + von GROTE as exhibition designer.

Serena Bartalucci is currently on maternity leave

Office Management

Amélie Brune

Amélie Brune studied at the Toulouse Business School in France and gained her Master’s in Management with a focus on cultural management. She has been working since 2008 in Berlin, where she has worked as a project manager and PA to the management in various companies. She has been working as office manager at IGLHAUT + von GROTE since October 2017.

Graphic Design

Jeff Chi

Jeff Chi studies Design (BA) at the TH Nürnberg with focus on illustration, verbal communication and space & event design. Since March 2018 he is doing an internship at IGLHAUT + von GROTE as a graphic and exhibition designer.

Graphic Design

Rebecca Cormier

Rebecca Cormier is a graduate from the University of Alberta (Canada), where she earned her Bachelor of Design degree, focusing on Industrial Design and Art History. She worked at the University of Alberta, researching Micro Housing Architecture, and was the Director of Communications for the University of Alberta’s Student Design Association. Since June 2017 she is working at IGLHAUT + von GROTE on exhibition conceptualization, architectural visualization and transforming concepts and drawings into 3D designs.

Architecture and scenography

Laetitia-Lan Hardouin Duparc

Laetitia-Lan Hardouin Duparc studied at the Camondo School in Paris with focus on interior architecture and product design. From June to August 2018 she is doing an internship at IGLHAUT + von GROTE as an exhibition designer.

Graphic Design

Judith Hummer

Judith Hummer studied Integrative Design (MA) at HGK in Basel (CH). She worked in different agencies as a graphic designer with focus on Corporate Design, Editorial Design, spatial communication and guidance systems. She has been working as an graphic designer at IGLHAUT + von GROTE since February 2018.

Graphic Design

Natalia Mikhaylenko

Natalia Mikhaylenko studied Product Design (MA) in Moscow and Museums Studies at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW). She worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for print and Web media, and then as a project coordinator and exhibition designer in a museum. She has been working as a graphic designer at IGLHAUT + von GROTE since June 2017.

Multimedia Development and Video Editing

Markus Uhl

Markus Uhl studied Social and Business Communication at the University of Arts in Berlin as well as photography at the University of Toronto. At IGLHAUT + von GROTE he is responsible for the creation and editing of moving and still images.

Architecture and scenography

Caroline Wegener

Caroline Wegener studied Architecture (degree) at the Bartlett School of Architecture, London and then gained an MA of Arts in Animated Film at the Royal College of Art, London. She works and has worked for various offices in the area of exhibition design and brand architecture. She has been working as a freelancer for IGLHAUT + von GROTE since 2011.

Project management and contents

Julia Wendt

Julia Wendt studied Art History and Modern German Literature (M.A.) at the FU Berlin, also completing a degree there in Cultural and Media Management. After working as a project manager for the Documenta11 (visitor service), the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (booking software) and the Max Planck Institute for Science History (exhibition management), from 2006 to 2016 she realised central cultural projects and communications campaigns in a management position for the University of the Arts in Berlin. At IGLHAUT + von GROTE she is responsible for the developing, drawing up concepts for and realising exhibitions and cultural projects.

Associate planners

IT Infrastructure

Matthias Meier  

Matthias Meier, together with his colleague Thomas Weisheit, supervises all matters of IT infrastructure, and is responsible for the administration of networks, servers and databases.

Media Planning

Thomas Buck  

Thomas Buck is a qualified engineer specialising in media technology. He focuses on the creative use of media and presentation technology in the field of museums and exhibitions, concentrating on interactive exhibits and information systems. He has been involved in all the office’s exhibition projects since 2003.

Light Design

Michael Flegel  

Michael Flegel is a light planner and light designer with many years of experience in exhibitions and museums. The foundation of all exhibition planning includes the lighting of rooms and exhibits, considering the interplay of artificial light and daylight as well as conservational requirements. He has been involved in all the office’s exhibition projects since 2003.

Film and Media Production

Michael Dörfler  

Michael Dörfler is a freelance author, director and cutter. He has worked on diverse exhibition projects for our office since 2004.