East Friesian State Museum Emden – Expansion master plan

East Frisian State Museum
500 sqm

Basic concept, creating a master plan and sponsoring documents to organise parts of a new permanent exhibition

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / East Friesian State Museum Emden – Expansion master plan
Predesign for the presentation of a bog body
Project text:

As part of a master plan, IGLHAUT + von GROTE evaluated development opportunities for the museum in light of the planned expansion of both contents and space, and subsequently tabled concrete recommendations. The first part of the master plan evaluates the architectonic conversion measures while the second part discusses planning details for the revision or overhaul of exhibition modules.

Since opening in 2005, the East Friesian State Museum has expanded into two new areas of activity: the donation of the Baumfalk collection to the museum in 2011, featuring around 600 works of recent and contemporary art from East Friesland, as well as a bog body, a special exhibit from the collection known as the “Man from Bernuthsfeld”, complemented by numerous contemporary objects and historical contextualisation revealed by recent research findings. These new areas meant the institution was confronted with the challenge of spatial expansion, as well as new conceptual considerations. The acquisition of the adjacent building at Brückstraße 5 in early 2012 was an important milestone in this development.

The planning recommendations emerged from a collaboration with the architects ahrens grabenhorst, who undertook the original renovation of the building in 2005.