Longing for war? On the Eve of the First World War: Oldenburg 1913

City Museum Oldenburg
October 2013 – November 2013
580 sqm

Design and production of the special exhibition (all HOAI phases, s.a.).
Exhibition design, graphics and light, design and media production, technical planning, catalogue and print materials, production management, cost controlling, expenditure reports

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Longing for war? On the Eve of the First World War: Oldenburg 1913
Project text:

Casting a glace over the year that was 1913, the 12 months before the commencement of the First World War, not only affords us an insight into social, political and cultural conditions in Germany generally, but can also give us a view of localised conditions, for example in the northwestern German city of Oldenburg. Instead of the regularly explored themes of the practices and consequences of war, this more specific focus brings to the fore the social conditions which facilitated the outbreak of war. A regional perspective serves as a snapshot in time of Oldenburg City and its people.
The exhibits were divided into three areas: visitors first encountered a visual panorama of the year 1913, featuring iconic objects from the most diverse walks of society. They were surrounded by projected images of historical photos, film extracts, newspaper stories and the art of the era. The next phase consisted of a spatial view of the city of Oldenburg in 1913, with the visitor surrounded by an enlarged city map that encompassed the room. The final stage of the exhibition dealt with the losses of war, featuring a gallery of the soldiers from Oldenburg who died during WWI. In total, the city lost 5,000 men to the war.
IGLHAUT + von GROTE was responsible for the overall planning and realisation of the exhibition, the catalogue, printed materials and for the signage concept in the outer room.