Montblanc Flagship Store Peking

Montblanc Germany
Peking, China
September 2011
1.500 sqm

Conception and production of the flagshipstore. 
Scenographic design, conception of graphics, light and design of the media production

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Montblanc Flagship Store Peking
Project text:

As one of the most dynamic markets worldwide, China offers the perfect backdrop for attention-grabbing ideas of a special nature. The top brand, Montblanc, for example, has moved into the up-and-coming business district Sanlitun with 1,500 square metres of sales area, a restaurant, VIP rooms and a gallery. The challenge here was to develop a holistic design for the interiors and façade that allows for changing scenarios and different visual contents. The result was not only a functional interior architecture with presentation surfaces and sales areas, but also an ambience that allows stories to unfold and concepts which set the company and its products in scene as a visitor experience. The scenario was formed by the Chronometer Watch complex. The main motifs influencing the scenography were the objective perception of time represented by precision clockwork components and our subjective perception of time. The brand experience, economy in attention and an enticement to buy fused amidst the overall scenario.