Oldenburg Museum

City Museum Oldenburg
Working time:
April - May 2018
2,600 sqm

Content conception and preparation of a feasibility study for the creation of a new kind of museum

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / Oldenburg Museum
Project text:

Our lives are increasingly subject to global influences that have a local impact. Examples include the digitisation and interlinking of more and more areas of work and life, the emergence of new publics in the context of the Internet, global economic interdependence, political and religious conflicts and the effects of climate change and social inequality. These phenomena are also changing the cultural framework conditions for museums, since museum work and social developments are inextricably linked. Museums are part of change and also illuminate it.

City museums can and should today be more than stores of knowledge or places where objects are collected and preserved. They can encourage social participation, spark and take up debates and be platforms for cultural and political education. Museums typically have a wide range exhibitions, events and projects with which they create bonds between generations and promote communication between different cultural groups. 50 years after its construction, the Stadtmuseum Oldenburg will be renovated. The aim is to enable the museum to fufill its potential as a modern city museum. The office IGLHAUT + von GROTE, together with the museum team, has created an extensive concept for the redesign of the Stadtmuseum Oldenburg with the aim of strengthening it as a cultural institution and a meeting place. As OLDENBURG MUSEUM, the museum should form a central part of the city’s identity.

The new museum is based on modern research about visitor orientation. It will focus on dialogical structures and aim to develop and implement museum projects in conversation with Oldenburg’s society with broad societal participation. The new conception goes hand in hand with the planning of the reconstruction and extension of the existing building ensemble. The architectural competition for this was awarded in January 2019.

The redesign of the Stadtmuseum Oldenburg includes historical and contemporary thematic modules of a permanent exhibition that is stocked from the museum collections, as well as in-house productions of special exhibitions. About 800 square meters are available for the permanent exhibition in the new building. The exhibition is not based on a classical chronology, but presents epoch-spanning topics relevant to both present and future. The entrance area, café and garden and the connecting section to the Horst Janßen Museum form a public forum and stage. In the transitional phase between the closure of the old museum and the opening of the new building, theatre productions will be held at different city locations and information will be provided about the future projects of the OLDENBURG MUSEUM.