The Museum of Military History in Berlin – Gatow

The Bundeswehr Military History Museum
Berlin - Gatow
Working time:
September 2011

Invited competition, new concept for the permanent exhibition

IGLHAUT + von GROTE Ausstellungsgestaltung und Design / The Museum of Military History in Berlin – Gatow
Project text:

The Bundeswehr Militärhistorische Museum (Military Museum of the German Armed Forces) is set to undergo a series of renovations and extensions during the coming years. The museum is located on a listed heritage site, the grounds of the former Berlin-Gatow airfield, and showcases exhibitions on military aviation history.

The first phase of renovation and extension involved tendering for a visitor information centre, a permanent exhibition in Hangar 4, a graphic design strategy and a signage system for the airfield. The available space for these designs measures 4,651 square metres.

The concept of IGLHAUT + von GROTE involves two different entrance buildings, each intended to function as a starting point for accessing the overall grounds, with an audio-visual installation that serves to give visitors a taste of the exhibition that lies ahead. Visitors are provided with an overview of the various key points of the exhibition space – both in the hangars and on the airfield.

Alongside graphic design and signage concepts, the IGLHAUT + von GROTE team has also put in place a comprehensive mediation concept that feeds on the contrasting perspectives of victim and perpetrator. The permanent exhibition is a conscious move away from technological military history toward a focus on the social history of the German air force divisions.

Multimedia points, image projections and installations are also part of the concept.