In an information society, museums and companies must constantly adapt their structures and communications concepts in order to reach a broad public and remain up to date.

IGLHAUT + von GROTE sees mobile applications, databases, virtual exhibitions, websites and playful, computer-enabled knowledge transfer as integrative components of the overall concept.

IGLHAUT + von GROTE integrates technology in existing systems or develops new solutions for media hardware, either locally or through networks.

In this way the content preparation, production and implementation of systems all comes from a single source. The conception of digital media occurs in close agreement with the institution’s own conception of content, and that’s why the IGLHAUT + von GROTE team includes communications experts and historians as well as media planners.

All digital interfaces are designed according to a comprehensive graphic concept. Typography in film, animated drawings, menus for navigation and interactive visitor guidance are all part of the repertoire of graphic media design and are aligned with the overall project in design terms.