Besides its emphasis on exhibition and museum design, and on supervising projects and content in cultural and scientific contexts, the office IGLHAUT + von GROTE also provides architectural services, including interior fitting and renovation – not only of museums. These comprise improvements to design, technology and energy efficiency within existing architecture, the design of entrance, café and shop areas, and the interior fitting of shops, hotels and even private properties. In this context, Gesa von Grote is able to look back on many years of diverse experience, disposing of excellent references as an architect and scenographer.

  • User-friendly ambiences:
    Design of space from the aspects of amenity value and functionality
  • Detail design in existing buildings:
    Development of suitable formal languages, taking into account the preservation of monuments, planning concepts down to the smallest details of form, colour and material
  • Integral approach:
    Links between architecture and use, technical infrastructure and the atmospheric experience of space in all matters of design
  • Architectonic demands:
    Forms, colours and materials chosen in accordance with the existing structure and concept of use
  • Design, detail planning and realisation:
    All the stages of a project – from design to realisation – in close agreement with building clients, the protection of monuments, and specialist technical planners
  • Realisation:
    Tendering, involvement in the granting of tenders, site management
  • Project control and project management:
    Planning and coordination of all part processes, planning and supervision of deadlines and costs

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Gesa von Grote