The office IGLHAUT + von GROTE initiates independent projects in the field of cultural science, cultural history and art: in this context, we offer consulting and expert evaluations, conception and supervision of publications, development of event formats, and help with applications and financing concepts. Personally, Stefan Iglhaut can look back on two decades of project experience in cultural management and curatorial practice.

  • Curatorial Concepts:
    Developing programmes of content for exhibitions, events and projects
  • Consulting and Expert Evaluation:
    Exhibition and museum concepts, feasibility studies, strategic planning
  • Applications and Financing Concepts:
    Formulation of project applications and negotiation with funding institutions
  • Editing and Research:
    Archive and object research, production of object databases
  • Project Management:
    Project planning for the realisation of cultural projects, costing and time planning (and supervision), coordination between participants
  • Schooling, Mediation and Teaching:
    Cooperation with students of museum studies, scenography and curatorship; further training of museum personnel
  • Publications:
    Supervision of editing, text and image coordination, proof-editing, design

Contact partner:
Stefan Iglhaut